Get a $12,000 degree for $780

While most of the courses in the IT degree will be offered for FREE–OCSEA scholarships cover tuition, fees and books–there are certain required courses where the student will need to pay the cost of simulations and assessment for certification. The cost for the materials for those classes is approximately $130 per course, not to exceed $780 for all of the courses. The normal cost for this program at EGCC is $12,000, and even more at other colleges!

To start the process, just fill out the FAFSA to apply for a federal grant. If you are eligible for the Union Education Trust, also apply for your vouchers. All general education courses required by the program will be covered with the OCSEA Free College scholarship. Your EGCC admissions advisor will guide you through the portion of the IT program that requires fees. 

What's in the program?

IT support is all about troubleshooting and problem solving when the tech fails, and providing great customer service along the way. Whether you’ve been tinkering with IT or are completely new to the field, EGCC’s program is right for you. This Information Technology Associate of Technical Studies program will introduce you to troubleshooting and customer service, networking, operating systems, system administration, automation, and security, as well as Windows, A+ applications, Cisco Networks, and more!


The fees listed below are required for the online simulations and assessment courseware for certification. That portion of the IT program must be paid for by the student online. Your EGCC admissions advisor will guide you through that process. Please note that students are only required to complete six of the following courses:

Course Number Course Name Student Cost
Required Courses:
NET 126 A+ Essentials and Practical Applications $130
NET 128 Windows Client Configuration $130
Students may choose 4 electives from the following classes:
NET 132 Switched Networks $130
NET 133 Routed Networks No charge if completes NET 132
NET 140 Introductory Windows Server $130
NET 141 Intermediate Windows Server $130
NET 242 Advanced Windows Server $130
NET 244 Advanced Routing and Switching No charge if completes NET 132
NET 245 WAN and Network Management No charge if completes NET 132

Corporate recognition

The certifications and assessments associated with the required courses are recognized by companies like Google, Bank of America, Sprint, GE Digital, PNC Bank, Infosys, TEKsystems and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.


Three of the EGCC IT courses were developed in partnership with Google and will be offered FREE with a full scholarship. Students who successfully complete those courses will earn the Google IT Professional Support Certificate, an industry recognized credential.

Course Number Course Name
NET 101 Introduction to Information Technology
NET 103 Introduction to System Administration
NET 106 Introduction to IT Security

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