No out-of-pocket cost for most OCSEA members! Low cost for family and other members.

OCSEA members have been asking for it and now it’s finally here: a low-cost bachelor’s degree program for members and their families!

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For more information, call OCSEA toll-free at 800-969-4702 or email

Bachelor's degree for you and your family

OCSEA is partnering with Central State University near Dayton to bring members a bachelor’s degree, free for UET-eligible OCSEA members and at an extremely reduced rate for family members and other OCSEA members.

Each student will be eligible for an OCSEA Student Success Grant. For members who are also eligible for the union’s educational benefit—Union Education Trust (UET)—the cost for tuition, fees and books will be ZERO. Family members and other OCSEA members will pay no more than $4,000 out of pocket per year and many will pay much less, or even zero, depending on their FAFSA process. See FAQ on finances.

Take classes online and on your own time

The college is fully accredited by the Ohio Department of Education and the credits are transferable. An associate degree or 60 credit hours is required to enroll. Students can attend as part-time or full-time and all coursework is online.

Courses offerings for 2019

For the Fall 2019, two bachelor level programs will be offered, one in Business Management and the other in Teacher Education. Additional programs will be announced in 2020. Members and their families can start applying now for the October 14 Fall session. Sessions restart every 8 weeks.

Business Administration

The Business Administration Program is not only designed to help students develop a firm knowledge base in business, but also to enhance the student's sense of self-discipline, dedication to purpose, and confidence necessary for success in the world of commerce.

Teacher Education

Offering both a licensure and a non-licensure (PK-5th grade) tracks, CSU’s degree in education prepares educators who are effective in serving as active facilitators of learning for the diverse student population. The College of Education is committed to the preparation of educators that are able to experience and appreciate students, as well as the various ways of learning.


Spring 1 Session begins January 13, 2020
Spring 2 Session begins March 23, 2020
Summer Session begins May 24, 2020

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Step ONE

Confirm Eligibility

Get in touch with OCSEA before you apply to Central State University so that we can confirm you are an OCSEA member and are eligible to apply.

The applicant must be a dues-paying OCSEA union member or family member and have an associate degree or 60 hours of college credit.

Confirm eligibility

Step TWO

Complete the FAFSA or apply for UET

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. If you are an active OCSEA member and a state employee, call 800-969-4702, ext. 2645 or email to confirm eligibility for Union Education Trust. 

Any federal grants you receive will be applied to your tuition and fees and textbooks first; the scholarship will cover the rest. (See FAQ for more on financial aid)

Fill out the FAFSA


Apply to CSU

Apply for admission to Central State University by going HERE and creating a login account.

You can also call our Enrollment Advisors with any questions at 888-897-9671.

Apply to CSU

Have questions?

We are here to help. We have compiled a list of our most asked questions by union members and relatives alike.

Click here for FAQ

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To take part in this program, you must be a dues-paying OCSEA union member or family member who has an associate degree or at least 60 hours of college credit. 

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